The Centrist - A Balanced View of Politics

The Centrist is a website for all those who appreciate the centre ground of UK politics.

What we are

We are a publication that believes centrism is the future of UK politics. Centrism is not simply the area that lies in-between the left and the right of politics. In fact it is not that at all. Centrism means embracing and accepting that there are good and bad ideas on all sides of UK politics.

At The Centrist, we are committed to promoting what we believe to be positive ideas, regardless of where on the political spectrum those ideas would traditionally sit. We promote equality, diversity and human rights.

See our about us page for further information.

What we are not

We are not affiliated to any political party, as we acknowledge that any of the mainstream political parties can occupy the centre ground at any time. We do not promote any political party over any other.

We do not condone the derision of any particular mainstream political party, instead acknowledging that all the mainstream parties have contributed towards healthy, positive, centrist policies over the years, as well as policies that have on occassion been detrimental.

What are our goals

Our goals are to promote the centre ground of UK politics as the future for our country.

We would like to push our message that consistent loyalty to one political party, or consistent disparagement of another political party, is not the way forward.

Instead, we would like people to look for the centrist message from political parties and support the one conveying the pragmatic centrist policies at that point in time.